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Privacy Policy
We are commited to protect your privacy! Submitted data, names, addresses, email addresses, phone and fax numbers will be used and stored only for the intented purpose. We will not disclose or forward this data to anybody else nor will we sell addresses, names or any other kind of information. This policy is also valid for any kind of additional relinquished information, like drawings, technical details, inquiries, etc.. We will use this information only for the intended purpose and assume that the owner has permitted us to use the information by leaving the particular documents to us.

Personal data that has been submitted by email or the by a subscription to our info services or inquiry forms on this website are only stored if we have received an additional confirmation email. We send a request for this confirmation mail on the receipt of a subscription. If this email is not returned to us, submitted data will be deleted.

Data that has been already stored will be deleted as soon as the particular service is canceled by email or by use of a form. In these cases all data will be removed from the database of the particualr service. We will not check if the same data is also included in the database of another service. If you unsubscribe to the newletter service and you are also registered to the info service, only the data of the newsletter service will be deleted.

All data are stricly privacy protected and are stored on special computer systems that are secured against third party access.

Cookies or similar techniques are not used on this website. Some pages presume that javascript is enabled to display all details of the particular site. Javascript is not used to transmit any kind of data. Forms on this site use PHP & CGI instead of email.

This website is optimized for CSS compatible, newer releaes of webbrowsers and requires a screen resultion of at least 800 x 600 pixel.

The pages are tested with the latest versions of Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Internet-Explorer, and Safari.



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